Carleton University Amateur Radio Club - CUARC

Technical projects:

  • building an antenna that can be used indoors (at higher power than the ones we have) - 2m or 70cm antenna
  • building a simple wideband SWR (standing wave ratio) meter which would help us use the antenna
  • setting up the D-STAR radio
  • making an interface cable
  • More upcoming projects in the near future.


    • There is a project that uses CSA (Canadian Space Agency) facilities for radio astronomy
    • Shirleys Bay Radio Astronomy Consortium - There is an 18 m dish out in Shirleys Bay on the CSA/CRC/DRDC campus (at 3700 Carling Avenue) connected to an SDR (Software-Defined Radio) system. That enables analysis of radio astronomy signals in the neighborhood of 1420 MHz. Currently their main challenges are getting the motors which move the dish back into working condition, but there are other parts to the system if anyone is interested in lending a helping hand.

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