Carleton University Amateur Radio Club - CUARC

Current News


Meetings take place Tueadays from 5:30pm to around 8-9pm in the EngSoc room (next to the SGRC, 5th floor ME between block 2 and 3)

Alternative meetings in (where to search if you cannot find people):

  1. Electronics laboratories in the 1st block, 4th floor Mackenzie (Analog Electronics labs)
  2. ME4124 - Electronics conference room (same area as above).

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If you feel ready to take a Basic or Advanced examination please let us know so we can make appropriate arrangements.
Helpful information on the examinations can be found in the Resources section.

Past News

QSL cards

We received our first two QSL cards on March 24th!

Field Day 2010

Check out the Ottawa Valley Mobile Radio Club's Field Day 2010 that Carleton CUARC was a part of, and also a review .

The announcement:

If you are available and in Ottawa on the weekend June 26-27 please consider joining CUARC who will be participating with the OVMRC in Field Day.
Operations will be in the front grounds of the Science and Tech. Museum.

Field Day is a chance to operate in a temporary location using emergency power, under conditions similar to what could be encountered in a disaster situation. Once set-up you try and contact as many stations as possible over a 24hour period.
Amateurs all over North America participate.

Here is a video announcement about the 2009 Field Day

Some local details from the OVMRC's website

Field Day is a great way to make a lot of contacts. You can stay for an hour or two or all 24hrs. It is a fun event with a chance to learn a lot.
There have been shifts of a few hours depending on each person's availability

License Examinations

Professor Steele has been able to find us an examiner, who was kind enough to come to take time out of his schedule, come to campus and help us become licensed amateurs!

Sunday's basic exam details:

Day: Sunday 21st Feb. Time: 2pm (please turn up a little earlier to avoid disrupting the exam)
Location: 4124 Mackenzie.
Bring: Government issued photo id.

Please refer to the Resources page for more ways of preparing for tests.